Introduction of TopoBlock

2 min readMar 21, 2021


TopoBlock is a marketing company founded by a professional community operation team. Our mission is to seek projects with great potential in the Web 3.0 and to provide them with top-level marketing services. Apart from providing those outstanding projects with marketing service, we invest in them if we see great opportunities as well.

Among the various marketing services being provided, we proudly highlight the services of community members growth, community operations, content publicity, event planning.

We have team members with background from KMPG、Alethio、Tencent, who have been exploring the crypto world since it started to thrive.

Partner and Team Background

We have solid bonds with all the mainstream media in China, such as Odaily, ChainNews, Blockbeats, etc.

Marketing services

TopBlock is the founder of the only official Chinese community of Big Data Protocol. The community of 700 people has been developed within 3 days, and it is still growing rapidly. Our partner Odaily, the mainstream media in China with whom we shared the depth of cooperation, can also jointly announce the major events related to the project at any time.

Chinese communities of Big data protocol

Community Members Growth

The community will be gradually growing before the project is put online as guaranteed; the growth pace will be determined by the scale of the community itself.

Official Chinese WeChat public Account

Operating the WeChat public account for the project, which includes publishing the latest announcement and information.

Community Operations

Keeping the vitality of the community, such as achieving 3000+ messages in each chat group per month.

Content Publicity

Translating the official announcement and Medium articles, and publishing them on Chinese mainstream media; one announcement/article per week at least.

Event Planning

Planning and organizing at least one community event per month ( TopBlock will provide with the detailed list of supplies, project team will be asked for reimbursement for the event).

With the help of our resources, your project can develop rapidly and become the next hot topic.